Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Effort is a Part of the Beauty; The Simplicity and the Repetition

Christine Wallers - 2012

The effort is part of the beauty; the simplicity and the repetition.
Snowstorm, Nightwood, Tree Fort, The Angelus, Defibrillator, Francesca Woodman, Jellies,
The Finite Passing of Infinite Passion, Orlando, Vermillion, Cary Grant, Tequila, Nova, Castenada,
Tattoo Heart Ink, Father Beaven, BLB, StreamLines, Carmel, Spaulding, Agnes Martin, Cercius,
Light Sleeve, Lake Superior, H2 Recorder, Sophie Calle, Vaishali, Skype, Bram, Mavis Galant, Perfect Mix.

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