Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brief Notes of the Schools Activities - 2012

The Tai Chi Program
* The year began with another incredible Chinese New Year celebration that included the very funnyYear of the Dragon Puppet Show, which is 18:30min long!
* Another successful turn out for World Tai Chi Day & Qigong Day!
* Seminars included Hsing I, Tai Chi Sword and Tai Chi Knife (Broadsword).
* Intensive Tai Chi continues to grow on Sunday mornings at 9am. If you know the whole form and are in the Ongoing program, then consider coming to the session. No instruction is given. It is just an opportunity to practice the form twice through.
* Ravenswood Artwalk 2012 was incredible. The Tai Chi Program demonstrated several forms, weapons. Sas Stark gave us the opportunity to paint Dragons with the guidance of Tipsy Paint. Tracy Von Kaenel and her student performed an outstanding, FULL HOUSE Yoga and Aerial Yoga performance (I am still working on this video btw). And, Paul Dickinson provided another nature sounds track that set the ambiance for the weekend.
Outdoor Tai Chi Program
Sas Stark provided over 20 opportunities to practice Tai Chi outdoors! Stay informed, sign up here.
Meditation Program
Kipling Swehla created a baby, a real baby not the kind that you imagine growing in your Tan Tien.
Qigong Program
* Don Tomei reported that you know your program is robust when you find your students wanting to hang out with each other, even when class is finished!
Yoga Program
* Tracy Von Kaenel's Aerial Yoga program keeps growing and the new Zen Yoga class on Mondays just started this month.
The Health and Philosophy Program
* Lisa Hish had the Tai Chi student base harmonize with Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall in our bodies and in the natural world around us.
The Environmental Arm - Sustainable Return
Once again this year the environmental arm has been extremely active!  Stay informed, sign up here.
* 12 members of the school volunteered for the Montrose Beach Dunes special volunteer stewardship and Tai Chi workday.
* Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago, Elizabeth took on the role as Volunteer Coordinator and in the process recruited several members of the school to also participate. Don Tomei – Workshop Coordinator and Paul Dickinson – Stage A/V Manager. In addition Dan Menzel, Sarah Donnely, and Sara Zalek pitched in. Oh, and of course Laurel Ross was one of the Plenary speakers!
* Lisa Hish, Elizabeth and 7 school members helped set up a 137 pot community garden called Montrose Green Community Garden, as well as maintain 27 of those Grow2Give plots on the weekly bases. All produce from the Grow2Give plots were donated weekly to the Common Pantry. Over 400 lbs were donated!
* Elizabeth along with Laurel Ross launched a native plant corner parkway initiative through the schools local neighborhood community group called Northcenter Neighborhood Association.
* Several members of the Tai Chi Center of Chicago learned about the origin and fundamental principles of biodynamic agriculture in both theory and practice. Special emphasis was placed on practical applications for a smaller scale yard, garden or vegetable plot.
* Year of the Dragon came in with the new moon, and TC3 and friends of TC3 raised $1,833 for the Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary and the Parkway Corner Initiative! Looking ahead, put this date on your calendar, February 9, 2013 Year of the Snake Celebration and Fundraiser

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