Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tai Chi in SPACE!!!!

DAN MENZEL - Tai Chi in SPACE!!!!

With the advent of the twentieth century, we as a thoughtful, coherent species have spent a great deal of time pondering space travel. From solid fuel model rockets to tin can capsules on the moon, up to the solar panels that charge the Mars rovers of today, and as of yet, beyond. Perhaps even seeing a martian landscape through the eyes of one of our own astronauts in this lifetime!
We have put a lot of our brain-trust into the well being of the past and present life support issues facing astronauts. Things like keeping their lungs filled with oxygen, food systems that offer incredibly nutritious and efficient diet, and of course regimens of exercise. I think it is quite safe to say that “all of these are cornerstones in the healthy condition of the ship and crew“. Fascinating stuff, thus the proven relevancy that it has reached into our mainstream psyche, and permeates our everyday media. To the point where somebody exclaiming the likes of “ they don’t need that much oxygen!”, or “ just feed them junk food, or fast food”, or how about, “they don’t need to exercise, they’ll be fit enough once they reach their destination, hell, why not let them smoke as well!”. Statements like this in any crowd would start a maelstrom of comments to the contrary. Even saying this out loud as I write seems, er…just silly…Which brings me to my point.
We, each of us, the individual, is on our own spaceship. It is called “the body”. And we are each traveling at the speed of a lifetime, toward our own goals, upon our own paths, both inconsequential to each other, yet of extreme importance to ourselves.
And yes, the very life support systems our space travelers need are THE exact life support systems that each one of us must have for our individual quests in life.
So, I ask you: Why would you not take the steps necessary to ensure you, the very best possible chances for the freedom of a healthy journey leading you to your goals and desires? Isn’t it time to rise to your own occasion?
Our healthy lifestyle opportunities are endless, though, when it comes to deciding your first steps…
Honestly, I am a bit biased myself. Regular practice of Tai Chi Chuan over the years, for me, has shown me so many positive aspects of mind(intent), body(vigor), spirit(vitality) and breath. I have seen first hand how it relieves stress while gently strengthening my body inside and out. I am 54 and feel great. Besides the occasional cold, I rarely get sick. My focus and balance are sharp as my feet are grounded. And when I’m in the same room with other calm, happy, healthy minded people, no matter what age, my spirit rises that much higher. As we are all striving for a better future, together.
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