Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration & Fundraiser for the Pygmy Rabbit

Tai Chi Center of Chicago - 4043 N. Ravenswood #201 & #228
Questions please call 773.396-2653 or

February 5th, Saturday, 8pm - 12am.

  • Bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable.
  • New Year wishes/resolutions.
  • Some food and drinks will also be provided otherwise this is a potluck event.
  • Bring your Tai Chi book and ask Grandmaster Hsu Fun-Yun for his autograph!
  • A generous heart (cash or check) to help raise funds for the Pygmy Rabbit.

  • To welcome in the new year while having fun amongst friends!!!
  • To raise money for the Year of the Rabbit - Save The Pygmy Rabbit a collaboration with Oregon Natural Desert Association and the Sustainable Return, the environmental arm of the Tai Chi Center of Chicago. Visit this page to learn more.
  • To Bang the Gong of course!
  • To Burn Joss Paper with your New Year wishes.
  • To read your Chinese Horoscope for the New Year, 4708.

  • Free!
  • We are fundraising on behalf of the Pygmy Rabbit, although the Pygmy is physically small her need for a livable habitat is great. Last year nearly $1,500 was raised on behalf of the Amur Tiger. This year, 100% of the proceeds will go directly to ONDA with whom I negotiated that all the funds raised will be exclusively used to fortify their habitat.

  • Festivities begin at 8:00pm
  • Year of the Rabbit the Puppet Show 9:30pm
  • Josh Paper Burning 11:00pm
  • Festivities conclude at 12:00am

    About Joss Paper
    Joss Paper rituals provide a means of bringing in new energy. These ornate papers are typically burned for specific problems such as for health issues, financial problems, or to clear out ghosts or malevolent spirits.
    They may be burned when moving into a new home or business. To clear away old energies and invoke a new beginning. They can also be burned before traveling to send out prayers of peace and safety.
    Joss papers may be burned by an individual or in a group setting.