Thursday, August 27, 2009

Neigong Longevity Exercises

Over the years I have received the same "Wow this is weird," or "Geeze I never knew I held so much tension there!" from practicing the Red Dragon Waves (Tongue) the Water exercise that we do after meditation. This exercise is extremely beneficial to ones health as the tongue is connected to the heart meridian according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Here is a list of some of the noted benefits:
reduces sleep apnea
cervical spondylosis
reduces risk of heart disease

Our own Dr. Rossi says, "Many people develop swallowing difficulties as they age, which does cause a myriad of problems that can eventually lead to death or severely impaired quality of life. I suspect that being able to consciously control and strengthen the tongue and some of the action of swallowing probably reduces or compensates for some of the degradation of the swallowing mechanism that some older people develop."

Next up, the importance of saliva!

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