Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tracy Von Kaenel - Newsletter 2010

2010 has been a year of change. As with all times of change some is uplifting, some is challenging. Several of the regular yogis in the program had lifestyle changes that moved them to different states…I miss them. Many yogis lost their jobs along with thousands of other Americans…I grieve with them. There were a couple yogis that went through the pain of divorce… I sympathize with them. Many yogis (including myself) dealt with debilitating injuries or physical setbacks…I empathize with them.

But the one thing that held us all together through it all was the yoga. The pure essence of the teachings of peace and stillness. The reminder that when we come to the mat we are coming home to that peacefulness, no matter what craziness surrounds us in our outside world. And, that coming to the mat also helps us to find the positives of life. To reaffirm our resolve. In fact this year also proved to be quite positive with two yogis finding the joy of a new marriage. And we welcomed a brand spanking new little yogini into the world. Also, one of our yoginis got to try out her teaching skills for the first time on the wonderful students at the TCC, to rave reviews. Beautiful blessings all of them.

So as it was in the entire universe, the yoga program felt the flux of a challenging year. And we recognized the blessing of having this comforting, supportive, enriching place and practice to come to. Having the gift of a yoga practice helped us through the tough times and deepened our joy in the happy times. How lucky we all are to have this practice and this beautiful space of serenity to practice in.

Namaste. Tracy Von Kaenel

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