Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sharon Fierro - Newsletter 2010


Our Saturday qigong program continued to grow in 2010 reaching new levels of participation in our wellness qigong classes. We reached just over 30 different people this year by offering group, semi-private and private qigong to students of all ages and stages. We experienced an increased number of referrals, principally from current students of the school; although, several new students came from other business sources currently being developed. We participated in school events, including World Tai Chi & Qigong Day and Ravenswood Art Walk, which increased awareness and participation. The Tai Chi Qigong Healing Institute published my article on Mindful Body Conditioning (with an emphasis on such practices as qigong, tai chi, yoga and meditation) providing an additional opportunity to build awareness.


In 2010, I created Mindful Body Conditioning (Path to a Fit Body & Clear Mind) to build awareness and help individuals achieve balanced strength, health and wellbeing through the blending of Eastern and Western mind/body fitness practices. By providing high quality qigong instruction, custom designed fitness programs, leadership and guidance as a coach, educator and motivator to a committed group of clients and students, I hope to expand the reach of The Tai Chi Center programs in 2011 and beyond.


In November, we expanded our qigong program offering to include 8 Brocade Qigong. Although we launched this new form to those with wellness qigong experience, it is open to all. Those participating in the first of two 8 Brocade seminars and the related ongoing semi-private classes are finding this form challenging, a little more “Tai Chi like” and “artistic”. The group seems pleased to be expanding their qigong knowledge and practice. The 2nd 8 Brocade seminar will take place in January 2011. As a part of the ongoing 8 Brocade classes, I am also introducing Open Channel Qigong.


In June, Don Tomei and I had the opportunity to study further with Dr. Aihan Kuhn. We received advanced qigong instructor training designed to initiate the process of understanding and learning how to be a qigong healer. The subjects that were introduced in this seminar were the body’s meridian system, the five elements and yin yang theory. This is complicated stuff which requires further study. I am looking forward to continuing my studies with Dr, Kuhn, Elizabeth and Lisa. In addition, we learned several forms of qigong designed for more specific needs including: total body/brain; brain & memory; emotional balance and nervous system and autonomic function. With further education and training planned for this next year, we hope to incorporate what we have learned into our classes at The Tai Chi Center in the near future.

During this past year, my Tai Chi work continued and expanded to include Tai Chi Sword, Neigong Meditation and Ta Lu. This work continues to expand my knowledge of these ancient healing arts, as well as to inform my teaching. I am grateful to Elizabeth for these generous gifts. My work with Lisa Hish over the past year has also provided a wealth of knowledge and insight which has proven invaluable personally and professionally. Thank you both!

In addition, I would like to acknowledge and thank my other teachers at the school: Don, Chris, Sas and Dan, as well as my students and tai chi brothers and sisters who have contributed significantly to this year of personal and professional growth. You make it a joy and it is my pleasure to work with each of you!

I continue to be inspired and moved to action by the Tai Chi Center community. I am excited to begin again, after a 30 year hiatus, learning and playing the guitar..yet another gift joyfully received!

2011 PLANS

Looking forward to 2011, my plans remain constant. I hope to continue to foster a peaceful/healing class and personal practice. My goal, in concert with Don and Elizabeth, is to contribute significantly to the enhancement and expansion of the qigong class offerings/program. My intent is to build awareness in our community of the many benefits of the practice of qigong and tai chi through as many avenues as practical. By reaching out through the Tai Chi Center, The Tai Chi and Qigong Healing Institute and Mindful Body Conditioning and targeted wellness centers, I hope to expand the number of people we serve. With careful listening and attention to the voices and needs of our community, I will focus on more formal methods of information sharing and communication. Continuing education in both eastern and western exercise, wellness and spiritual practices will continue to serve as a cornerstone of my life. I look forward to sharing, giving and receiving the gifts of qigong and tai chi, while keeping a smile in my heart.

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