Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lisa Hish - Newsletter 2010

Health Department


This was a quiet year for the health department of the Tai Chi Center. Only one health course was held in 2010; Five Element Stretching, which was taught within the sword seminars. Sas Stark and I taught  the series of four classes demonstrating the 5 element stretches & discussing the theory.  We introduced the meridians, (lines of energy within the body that the chinese have used within their 2,000 year old medical system, in both acupuncture & acupressure). For one of the classes, Elizabeth wore a full-body unitard with the meridian map, well-worth the price of admission!

If while in class or while doing the various tai chi forms you find an area of tightness in your body, I encourage you to ask Sas to demonstrate the corresponding 5 element stretch to help you explore it.  As for future health classes, we will re-commit to an ongoing health class once the schedules of interested students ease up; perhaps in 2011?

On a personal note, after a debilitating fall 5 years ago and 40 pounds later, I have been cleared for 15 luxurious minutes of movement a day!  I have been rehabbing this spinal injury with the professional care and support of both Dr. Xue Hua Feng, Acupuncturist, and Dr.Neil Sussman, Chiropractor. The injury required me to halt my entire personal routine of physical activities (tai chi, yoga, pilates, and dance class).  Fortunately it left me free to continue in my professional practice of shiatsu accupressure.

I cannot tell you the depth of my excitement to return to Tai Chi class and move once again. I look forward to my return to other activities as my spine heals further;  I only need 6 segments of 15 minutes to make it back into the rest of my classes.  This five years of forced stillness has left me with a lasting respect for those who live in  bodies with physical limitations, whether temporary or ongoing.

A couple of thoughts if you see me in class:

1. Don't follow me!  Even though I have taken classes on and off for years doesn't mean I remember the forms.

2. As  I am on a daily limit of 15 minutes and the form runs 13-22, you may see me complete the form without arms, stepping off the floor before completion,  while foregoing the        exercises. Please bear with me during my slow re-entry to class.

I look forward to an active and engaging 2011!


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