Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sas Stark - Newsletter 2010

Reflections of my last year begin personally. The passing of a loved one and the turn in health of others close to me have filled my life with change, challenge and a lot of “unexpected”. Changes that contain my deepest lessons yet in balance, true alignment and the flow of life and energy – in other words how to keep my head above water and do it with grace, ha ha!

For the past twelve months I made a choice to be present for the loved ones around me who were in need, and to offer unconditional love and support where I could. To do that, do it well, travel and keep a modicum of sanity, I needed to find a fuel to allow myself to flourish without becoming drained. Of course you would think food the obvious choice for fuel, but I was looking for something to replenish the light, laughter, love and the spirit that rises to meet the tumbles life throws your way. Already I knew Tai Chi and the family of friends who practice at school were my foundation. I decided my next step was to reenergize my core (air out my soul, fluff up my positive energy) by boosting my connection with heaven and earth and grounding in nature and the outdoors.

I love being outside (tough for a redhead) and the occasional outdoor event through TCCC led me to my biweekly Saturday mornings at Welles Park this Summer practicing Tai Chi with all who could join. It showed me that a mere hour spent among the blossoms, tree roots and squirrels can fill you with wonder, contentment and a little joy. The opportunity to observe the environment, the changing seasons and elements, the rhythms of life while you’re in the slow moving exploration of the Tai Chi form provides a peek at a deeply rooted and connected source. A source with the power to fill me up with the fuel I needed. The contrast of an hour practice indoors to an exploration outside on spongy resilient earth and brilliant sky, provided a wonderful alignment to my perspective and a renewed connection to the earth.

So, with this small taste of the unlimited me and the promise of a new year, I share with you an idea that you are more than you appear to be. Dig deep while practicing at home, at school and outside wherever your heart connects and fill up with what fuels the true you. And while you are at it, think of where you would like to practice Tai Chi outside in the Chicago area. Where would you like to spend an hour sinking deeply into the earth, extending high up into the atmosphere and expanding outward to the warmth of the horizon? I’ll meet you there.

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