Monday, December 7, 2009

Tracy Von Kaenel - Newsletter 2009

Yoga With Tracy Von Kaenel

What a wonderful year of yoga we have had at the Tai Chi Center of Chicago. This year felt as if we really inhabited the space with full energy and vibration. There were some new and wonderful happenings in the Yoga program. Some of the highlights include:

    1) The New Year brought several new students, each one wowed by the beauty of the space and the positive teachings going on there.

    2) The summer schedule expanded to include many specialty classes which students enjoyed greatly. Some of those included Sensory Practice (blindfolded), Gong Bath (a vibrational shift of awareness), Exploring the Chakras (an introduction to the role the energy centers of the body play), and Inversion Focus (looking at the world upside down), Partner Yoga (so much fun to share) plus many, many more. All the students who sampled these classes came away with fresh perspectives and a renewed sense of openness about their practice.

    3) This year we had our first Yoga Dance/Yoga Discussion/Yoga Potluck. We sweated through a free form style of yoga and dance that loosened up our bodies and minds, then calmed down with a philosophical discussion about yoga, and finished with a scrumptious vegetarian pot luck dinner. It was a wonderful evening.

    4) New on the schedule this year was Private Yoga Lessons... including Yogassage (a soothing, therapeutic form of passive stretching) Several students took advantage of these valuable one on one lessons.

    5) At this years Ravenswood Arts Walk, myself and the yoga students put on an impressive yoga demo that really inspired the viewing public. Everyone did such a wonderful job and had a great time.

The progress of the dedicated students has been amazing. I have seen so much more connection to the physical body and a deeper awareness of spirit. In some way, every student has made significant strides in their practice.

Looking to the future I hope to continue to bring the joy of Yoga to even more students, and further the depth of those continuing their path. We will once again have thought provoking, challenging and fun specialty classes in the summer, and another Yoga Dance Party. Also on the queue for next year is the making of a Yoga DVD, which I hope some of my students will participate in. I look forward to a great year of Yoga in 2010.

Tracy Von Kaenel

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