Monday, December 7, 2009

Sas Stark - Newsletter 2009

Time Out

Over the last year I have learned to love the words, “Time Out”. To me these words define the time I allow my mind and body to step back from the maddening fast forward progress of life and pause to observe and reflect. My time outs happen daily, weekly, monthly, really any time I get the chance to become more present and to align with my world.

I have seen the Tai Chi Center of Chicago grow and stretch this last year, deepening its roots in the vibrant Ravenswood neighborhood, as well as stretching out with a sense of community to students both new and old. Offering this bond of Tai Chi family to all, the school’s serine and peaceful atmosphere has given many the opportunity to experience their own “Time Out”. The benefits those moments of clarity and understanding provide us are what I cherish most about our school.

Last years growth in our internal and external community has lead me to believe more will be in store for the coming twelve months. I look forward to something like to a community feedback loop taking shape, a space that builds by giving and receiving. And yes, I also look forward to more of the intermediate and advanced students gaining the knowledge and passion for Tai Chi weapons - Yeah, rock on!

And beyond that - I would welcome everyone embracing my new Tai Chi Center Chicago motto, developed by CZ and I while training with Sifu Elizabeth Wenscott, “TCCC - all practice all the time!”

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