Monday, December 7, 2009

Don Tomei - Newsletter 2009

Wellness Qigong Program Director

2010 will begin my fourth year of teaching qigong at the Tai Chi Center of Chicago. I’ve now had three years to explore and experience this profound and elusive art, and that, on top of my 15 years of tai chi, seems to me like a good beginning. Hopefully, in another 5-10 years, I’ll have it figured out. They weren’t kidding when they called it “gong.” It takes commitment; it takes time; it takes focus. And it takes a willingness to suspend your sense of “reality” and immerse yourself in your own energy.

An ancient text called “The Jade Pendant Inscription on Qigong” states: In promoting and consolidating chi, depth promises storage; storage promises extension; extension promises descent; descent promises stability; stability promises solidity; solidity promises germination; germination promises growth; growth promises retreat; retreat leads to heaven. Heavenly qi functions from above; earthly qi functions from below. Conformity to this leads to life while adverseness to this leads to death.

So there it is for me in a nutshell:

Depth → Storage → Extension → Descent → Stability → Solidity → Germination → Growth → Retreat → Heaven.

Heaven above; earth below.
Life or death, your choice.

And all you have to do is practice every day with focus and a sense of purpose.

Simple enough. I choose life.

And so, another year of teaching and practicing Qigong.

Health, happiness and long life to you all.

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