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Elizabeth Wenscott - Annual Newsletter 2009

  • A Year In Retrospect
  • What The Teachers Have To Say (not included in the post, see 9 additional post below)
    Sas Stark, Christopher Zalek, Dan Menzel, Tracy Von Kaenel, Don Tomei,
    Sharon Fierro, Christine Wallers, Kipling Swehla, and Lisa Hish
  • What Is Next? What Needs To Be Done? How Can You Help.
  • Thank You's 2009
  • Final Notes

A Year in Retrospect

I can undoubtedly say that 2009 has been a doozy of a year! We can congratulate ourselves for electing this country’s first Black President! In addition we inherited a long-brewing and now boiling over economic crisis, a global climate crisis, and a health care crisis. Finally, we have the mass fear of the swine flu pandemic, and if you sail the oceans... pirates!

And, no, we cannot blame any of these on the Year of the Ox! The Ox is about commitment, hard work and perseverance no matter the ease or difficulty; something that all of us can relate to.

So how has the above affected TC3? Well for one we managed to keep our doors open, something that many small businesses like TC3 were unable to do in this economic atmosphere. The global climate crisis inspired us to create an environmental arm at the school. And the health care crisis will ensure that people will need to reprioritize how they care for their health by taking control of it themselves, choosing preventive forms of care such as Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga. So, all in all, this difficult year, I hope, will result in a much needed change for the future. And, with all of you, TC3 plans to be a part of those changes.

Below is a list of what we accomplished over the 2009 year, and in spite of all the fear and uncertainty, I would say, WE KICKED ASS!!!

    The school participated in 3 global events:
     World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (everyone) watch video
     Carbon Day (Tomei & Wenscott) (Wenscott, Benjamin, Manesky, Tomei, Swehla, Yee, Zalek) watch video
    We sponsored and/or participated in specialty lectures, seminars and special events:
     Ravenswood ArtWalk for the 3rd consecutive year (everyone)
     Qigong Open House - For The Alternative Healthcare Provider (Tomei)
     St. Ben’s Garden Club - Sustainable Gardening (Hish & Wenscott)
     Lane Tech High School, Chinese Language Class - Tai Chi & Taoism (Wenscott)
     Chinese New Year Celebration - The Ox Year (everyone)
     Women's Self Defense (45 women within the 47th Ward) (Wenscott, Stark, Zalek, Menzel)
     Think Peace Take Action - Movement Heals (Stark)
     Dr. Aihan Kuhn, Master, Chinese Medicine for Health, Boston, MA (Tomei, Fierro, Wenscott)
    Two new teachers were recognized:
     Dan Menzel - Tai Chi
     Sharon Fierro - Qigong
    The school received upgrades:
     A fresh coat of paint
     A new rain barrel (the previous one blew up!)
     5.1 Surround Sound speaker system!!!
    A new program was developed:
     Environmental Arm - Sustainable Return
Peace in the Tao,


What is Next? What Needs to be Done? How Can You Help.
    1) If you were a student and for whatever reasons had to take a leave... well we miss you! Come on back!

    2) The Tai Chi Program, the Qigong Program, the Meditation Program, and the Yoga Program could use your support. You can help these programs by telling everyone what you know about them. You can also place our beautiful postcards anywhere you can think of (we have 5,000 of each!).

    3) You can also make or or your browsers HOME PAGE so that each time you open your internet browser you accumulate a visit for our websites, which will move them closer to the top of the page in future searches.

    4) Stay in contact with the school by “friending” us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Myspace and this blog!!!

    If you want to share your love of Tai Chi, Qigong or Yoga consider buying a gift certificate. Some programs may offer you a discount based on your purchase. Also, if you want to gift a single class of Tai Chi or Qigong ask one of the intructors for a “free” try one class pass.

    Example: If you are in the Tai Chi Program, also join the Qigong Program. If you are in the Qigong Program, also join the Meditation Program etc. For just $30.00 a month more you can increase your training by participating in two programs. For just $50.00 a month more you can get it ALL and reach enlightenment that much quicker! Think of how many more classes will become available to you! (Initiation fee for the Meditation Program not included).

    The beauty of purchasing practice time is that it allows students to practice privately in a suitable space that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

    As you know practicing sword in your living room ain’t that great, and practicing out in our parks is not that private; it can often end with numerous interruptions: "where did you learn that," conversation, or some punk yelling "Hiiiiii-ya!, I can kick your ass."

    If you are interested in repurchasing practice time, or purchasing it for the first time, please contact me. And yes, you can share your scheduled time!

    The Tai Chi Center of Chicago has been activity looking for two more programs to join us (or sublets). If you know of anyone that is looking for space on a regular bases, send them my way.

    If you are able to make a financial donation, the school would gladly accept. If you are able to make a time donation, the school would gladly accept. Together and keep alive our beautiful oasis for ourselves and for our community.

Thank You's 2009

I would like to thank the following students and friends for their generous help and timeliness:
    All the teachers and assistant teacher, without you there would just be me.

    Steven Leavitt, Kipling Swehla, Christine Wallers, Stephen Walker for fulfilling another great year of art and music for the Ravenswood ArtWalk.

    Paul McEntee, CPA extraodinare.

    Sas Stark, for making everything in print look pretty.

    Don Tomei, for making everything sound pretty.

    Robin Manesky, for donating the 5.1 Theater Surround sound system.

    Ben Liberman, for installing the 5.1 Theater Surround sound system.

    Don Tomei and Dan Menzel, the men of the school! Whatever I can’t do these two sure can.

    Lisa Hish, for keeping me on my toes.

Finally, a thanks to all the Founding Members, for without you I wouldn't have a reason to thank any of the people above! So thank you!

Final Note

I would like to welcome the following future
Tai Chi’ist to the world!
Matthew Elijah Azuma Anyah (Eli for short)

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