Saturday, December 24, 2011

Everything is Tai Chi


With the advent of 2012, I have been met by a challenge to say as much about Tai Chi Chuan in as few words as possible. This for most serious Tai Chi practitioners is incredibly difficult, I would guess, as the words "everything is Tai Chi", is yes, just that. I find myself reading/talking/thinking/learning/teaching about the different aspects of it, such as; health, mind, spirit and martial all the time.

Why? Because of the thoughtful connective relationships in something as "simple" as learning a form, breaking it down into the individual postures and causing myself to be forever striving for perfection as I search for the balance in all things.
Foundation, breath, alignment and a good pair of shoes. That's, the real analogy of life, my friends.

I'm fascinated with the way I've seen Tai Chi change the world in which I live. The inner calm that one can find in this practice! It has allowed me to finally listen to my inner self; the spiritual, the mental, and of course the physical me. I can now thoughtfully interact with my surroundings from the position of a Tai Chi practitioner.

Taking the time we need to navigate along a path of positive choices. While being able to watch these same changes happening on the various levels to the many thoughtful friends, family and acquaintances. Helping each other learn to co-exist as thoughtful brothers and sisters as we practice Tai Chi Chuan together.

This of course, ultimately reflects upon our backyard environments. In turn, affecting our neighbors, and their neighbors, their neighbors neighbors, etc. I think that perhaps we can make the world a better place by learning to be in balanced harmony amongst each other. So, yes, everything Tai Chi, it's so much deeper than a simple excercise. Everybody has the potential for great things within themselves.

So ask yourself this question: Is it worth me learning Tai Chi if I can possibly change my world for the better? And to think that it all started for me with a one month introductory class...

Oh! and did I mention this is a martial art as well? I guess I'll have to wait until next year to write about that.

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