Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tai Chi Fan Class at a New Time

Tai Chi Fan with Qi Zhou is now taking place on Saturdays 2:15-3:15 PM

Tai Chi Fan and Class Description

The form I am introducing is called the Wellness Tai Chi Fan. It consists of 36 postures, created by an acclaimed martial arts master, Au-min Wu, who won first place in various Tai Chi categories, such as Fist, Sword, and Push Hands in several National Tai Chi Tournaments in China. Wellness Tai Chi Fan was created based on the elements of Tai Chi combined with the application of various styles of Fan techniques. It is rich in content as well as in choreography.

In this class, I will use some Tai Chi movements as warm-up exercises. They have been chosen to gradually improve flexibility, agility and overall motor coordination. These will not only help to provide general benefits of Tai Chi practice, but they will also enable easier learning of the Tai Chi Fan form.

Wellness Tai Chi Fan practiced in an enjoyable environment, with people possessing similar aspirations will bring out the optimum health benefits. Additionally, it is fun, it is entertaining, and most of all, it is exercising with joy.

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